Tips for getting in the door

-Escorts wear orange vests and will always ask if you would like us to escort you, please feel free to decline.

-Protesters will try to talk to you and hand you literature. If you do not want to talk with them, Loudly and Clearly tell them to go away. Once you have done this they are legally obligated to back off.

We are there to help

In order to make your trip to the doctor as easy as possible, we have some suggestions.

  • It is very efficient for clients to be dropped off directly in front of the clinic, there is a designated drop off spot on Saturdays.  There is usually an escort standing there to greet you.  If a companion drives, they can drop you off near the door then park.  More escorts will walk with your companion.


Weekdays– Metered parking is available on both sides of Market St. and on 1st St.  There are also a number of parking garages nearby (see map).  The meters are cheaper in the long run, but you can only pay for two hours at a time, so the person driving will need to feed the meter throughout the day.

Saturdays– In our experience there are not ticket writers checking the meters on Saturdays, but we make no guarantees about free meters.  There are a number of businesses that allow parking in their lots on the weekend.  Please refer to the map for parking options.  Again, it is very helpful for clients to be dropped off in front of the clinic entrance.

PARKING MAP (printer friendly)

  • Make sure anyone planning to enter the clinic brings photo ID.  They will need it inside the clinic.
  • Be aware that children are allowed during the sign in process, but the clinic does not allow them to stay in the waiting room.  We understand  that bringing them in the car is sometimes the only option.  In order to make the trip in as quick and easy for everyone as possible we offer a number of options. If a child is riding with you, email questions to or ask an escort upon arriving at the clinic.
  • Protesters may try to hand you pamphlets, show you pictures, and tell you what they think.  You do not have to take anything from them or engage with them.
  • Protesters can often be loud; you may wish to use headphones and turn the volume up to drown them out.
  • It can be helpful to call a supportive friend who knows they are part of the plan.  Ask them to talk to you while you walk from the car to the clinic.  This will give you something to focus on other than the protesters.
  • The EMW Women’s Clinic is near the corner of 2nd and Market, on the South side of the street.  A Woman’s Choice, located on Market street on the corners of BOTH 1st and 2nd streets, is a fake clinic, and is NOT a medical facility.
  • Protesters will often tell clients that they can get a free ultrasound at A Woman’s Choice (the fake clinic) and save the fee at EMW. This is not a medical ultrasound and cannot be used by EMW or any other healthcare provider.  A Woman’s Choice  has been reported for giving people misinformation to delay or deter abortion.  Please be aware they are an anti-choice pregnancy resource center.  A Woman’s Choice Resource Center is not a medical facility.

we suggest that clients be the ones that hold the funds for the procedure.

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